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Happy to Feature Local Music!

Ramona Radio is so happy to be featuring the finest musicians in our area.   If you are a local musician and want your song featured on Ramona Radio, please fill out the consent form below.  Once you submit, we will reach out to obtain your music.  

Music Release Form

Which of these professional organizations are you member of, if any:

How long is the consent valid?

Select an option

Which Songs or Albums are Included with this Consent?

Select an option

Where is your music currently published and available?

Release of Liability & Consent to broadcast

By signing below you agree to the following:

  • You, as a representative of, are legally and wholly authorized to represent, speak on behalf of or otherwise release the consent put forth herein; of the entity whole or in part (herein known as 'You') as described in this consent.

  • You hold Ramona Radio, its subsidiaries, parent organization(s), staff, representative(s) or technology harmless in any and all liabilities with regards to the on demand streaming of your work.

  • You agree to a maximum 10 day grace period for any termination date set herein.

  • You understand that no guarantee, warranty or commitment is provided by Ramona Radio for commissions, payments or compensation, directly or indirectly is provided as a part of this consent.

  • You agree that this consent will become valid upon signing and Ramona Radio may begin broadcast of your work immediately.

  • Ramona Radio makes no implied warranties of any kind that your work will be included as part of their normal course of business.  

  • The inclusion of your work is at the sole discretion of Ramona Radio.

  • Ramona Radio reserves the right to start or stop inclusion of your work at the sole discretion of Ramona Radio or their representatives.

Thank you for submitting your work. We will reach out very soon to obtain your work.

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