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Ramona Radio & Bands In Town

Ramona Radio is working in collaboration with Bands In Town (known as BIT in this ariticle) and all artists we support and promote. Artists are HIGHLY encouraged to get their band pages setup on BIT.    In doing so, we will be able much more easily assist in your promotions.

The Basic Reasons Why:

  • The reach and technical prowess of BIT and the technology that Ramona Radio uses to support our local musicians go hand in hand.  

  • BIT has the end user (Your FANS) completely engaged with mobile applications, calendar integrations, social feeds etc., reducing your and our efforts to get your message out.

  • Seemless integration with Venues

  • Quick and Easy RSVP Management and Ticket Sales as needed.

  • Our systems can poll your information from BIT and load them onto our marketing services.  

Using BIT is not mandatory for our support, but those that are NOT using BIT will supported on a time permitted basis, which will usually be after BIT engaged artists.  

Access to your Pages

To get the most of what Ramona Radio can do to assist you, we need access to your BIT Artist Page as a co-manager.   In doing that, we can request access from BIT to their data that contains your information which we will use to assist in marketing and promtion.  While we have access to your artist page, we will not:

  • Modify your shows information, profile info, stats, marketing, etc....  We do not touch your information on the BIT portal.   We just read it for our internal systems.

  • Audit to ensure the accuracy of the information you events.

  • Really do anything with it at all, except just read it.

If you are a Ramona Radio 'engaged' artist then we may do a couple of other things.   There is no 'becoming' an enaged artist FYI, if you are one, you know.  

  • We will help in keeping your show information up to date and appropriatly setup to get the most of your BIT account.

  • May, at times, initiate paid marketing through BIT services, at Ramona Radio expense.

So what do you need to do if you want to be a BIT supported artist: 

  1. Go to and 'Claim' your work (if you haven't already).   It is pretty straightforward, but let us know if you get lost or need help.   This process is very easy if you are 'published' artist and have work one of a few major platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.   If you are just a cover artist, then you just have to email them to claim.  It takes a bit longer, but you can still claim.   

  2. Once the claim in confirmed; let us know.   We will requests access as a 'manager'.  

  3. Setup your basic profile and link all of your social media and music service accounts.

  4. Start loading your show dates and keep them updated. 



BIT Supports all kind of free marketing tools out of the box.  We find them unbeviebly easy to use but if you need an assist, just contact us and we will help. Here are the most common ones used: 

  • Having your concert calendar on your band website.  How To

  • Instant QR Codes to your shows and information.  How To

  • Collect Emails for direct marketing:  How To

  • Intant Financial Support: How To

  • and much much more.....

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